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The Mega Jackpots Program The Biggest Draws, The Highest Jackpots.

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Subscribe to The Mega Jackpots Program and you will participate in the USA's biggest draws ONLY when their jackpots reach US$50 Million Dollars or higher.

Through the Mega Jackpots Program you will be able to play in the top lottery draws that make more Millionaires than any others around the whole world.

The Mega Jackpots Program always guarantees the highest built-up prize pool. There's no need for you to do anything; We secure your entry in the lottery with the biggest jackpot.

Time and Date of Drawings

Subscribe to The Mega Jackpots Program and you will participate in the USA Multi-State lottery (Mega Millions or USA Powerball) with the highest prize pool of over US$50 Million Dollars. If you select 'Single Entry' you will be entered into the next USA Multi-State Jackpot over US$50 Million Dollars. If you select 'Subscription Entry' you will be entered into 20 draws in the top paying Jackpot draws over US$50 Million Dollars.

Both the Mega Millions and USA Powerball regularly have jackpots of over US$100 Million Dollars, and often more!

Remember, what you win is what you receive! We take no commissions or processing payments from your winning prize.

Your ten sets of computer-selected numbers will be entered automatically once the Jackpot Prize Pool for either or both USA Powerball and Big Game Megamillions reaches US$50 Million!

Spread out your chances of winning over a longer period. You will be entered in "Mega Jackpots-Only" Draws for a maximum Play period of 20 Draws when the Jackpot reaches US$50 Million!. PLAY NOW

Here are some of the massive Jackpots paid out recently...

  Mega Millions Jackpots U.S Powerball Jackpots
  # Aug 2009: US$333 Million # Aug 2009: US$250 Million
  # May 2009: US$225 Million # May 2009: US$222 Million
  # March 2009: US$212 Million # Feb 2009: US$173 Million
  # Dec 2008: US$207 Million # Sept 2008: US$200 Million
  # May 2008: US$196 Million # May 2008: US$179 Million
  # Feb 2008: US$270 Million # March 2008: US$275 Million
  # Dec 2007: US$163 Million # Nov 2007: US$155 Million
  # Aug 2007: US$330 Million # Aug 2007: US$300 Million
  # May 2007: US$112 Million # June 2007: US$103 Million
  # March 2007: US$370 Million # March 2007: US$183 Million
  # January 2007: US$122 Million # January 2007: US$240 Million
  # September 2006: US$163 Million # September 2006: US$203 Million
  # April 2006: US$265 Million # August 2006: US$204 Million
  # February 2006: US$267 Million # June 2006: US$100 Million
  # November 2005: US$225 Million # February 2006: US$365 Million
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